Holly Trail


BioRich return as cornerstone sponsor for 2024

When Mike Glazebrook was asked if his business BioRich would return as main sponsor for the Holly Trail later this year he didn’t hesitate, said Holly Trail Chair, Penny Manahi.

Knowing that BioRich had been badly affected by the cyclone just 13 months previously had made it a difficult question for Penny to ask.

But when Penny and Holly Trail Sponsorship Manager, Pip Thompson, arrived for a chat, Mike couldn’t have been more welcoming and was steadfast in his response.

“It’s a privilege to be involved,” says Mike. “The Hospice does such incredible work for those in real need in our community, and the Holly Trail delivers much needed funds to Cranford Hospice.  It’s great to be part of the huge community effort that makes it all happen.”

Mike himself needed support after Cyclone Gabrielle hit the region with force in February 2023 and devastated BioRich’s Awatoto site.

“The prospect of rebuilding the site was a bit daunting for a while,” says Mike. “It was pretty smashed when the Tutaekuri stopbank burst alongside it, however no-one was hurt, something I’ll always be thankful for. It’s just been a big job getting it up and running again.”

Mike is very grateful for the support BioRich received from their loyal staff, wonderful contractors and suppliers, the Napier City Council, his insurer FMG, and the Ministry for the Environment. Support he is now passing back in spades to Cranford Hospice, via his sponsorship of the Holly Trail.

“It just feels like the natural thing to do. We’re looking forward to supporting the event, alongside all the other businesses and people who contribute to make this event such a success.”

Click here to visit the BioRich website.